Boca Chica! -12/1/15

After a pleasant week at Boot Key Harbor in Marathon waiting for better winds and wave height, on Sunday we stuck our nose out and headed south to our winter destination, Boca Chica Marina at NAS Key West. 

Staying only a mile or so off shore kept the wind and waves to a manageable amount and we had a really good day. 

We arrived at our mooring ball mid-afternoon and met several friendly live aboards that evening. 

Here we are at the dock getting water into the tank and checking in. 

We are very pleased to be here and look forward to exploring our new place. 

In a couple of weeks we will rent a car and head to St Augustine and get our car on the way to north Georgia for the holidays. 

Still here at Boot Key -11/27/15

Amazingly, winds and waves have not abated at all. We’ve been here five nights and are paid up for two more. The forecast is still showing a lot of wind and wave action for Sunday but not as bad, so we will try it for a few miles and see. They are forecast to be at our stern, so that is much better than head winds.  If we are uncomfortable with how it’s going, we will come back to Boot Key and try the next day. 

Jack and I had a very yummy Thanksgiving here on the boat. And will be having leftovers for several days ;)

Thankful to be in a protected and beautiful place. Hopefully, this time next week we will be 40 miles down the Keys at Boca Chica Marina. 

Boot Key Harbor – 11/22/15

Back in cell range!  After leaving Marco Island, we decided to skip Panther Key and headed straight for Shark River. Anchored there in the middle of the Everglades and saw absolutely no one. Then we made it to Boot Key Harbor at Marathon. 

It was two very long days with 20 knot head winds and rough sea state, but we are very glad to be here since the forecast calls for even worse conditions for the next week at least. Waves of 7-11 feet and winds 25-30 are NOT our idea of a good time!  We are only one day away from Boca Chica at NAS Key West, but if you have to be stuck somewhere, this is the perfect place ;). We stayed here seven weeks last winter and loved it!

We were welcomed by yet another rainbow late yesterday as we were coming into the harbor after going under the Seven Mile Bridge. So nice!


Boca Chica bound – 11/21/15

We were able to leave Endeavour Boatyard this past Tuesday after the rebuilt engine was installed and passed the sea trial. Thankfully, it is doing very well now and we are very pleased that Blue Water Marine covered everything under warranty. 

We anchored at Otter Key in Sarasota, Don Pedro State Park, Glover Bight at Cape Coral and Smokehouse Bay at Marco Island. 

It has been good weather although the wind is constantly on our nose, so no sailing so far :(

We have been playing our “favorite” game, Dodge a Million Crab Pots. 

Unfortunately, one crab pot yesterday won the round  and wrapped itself around our starboard prop. 


Jack had to dive on it and got it free very quickly with no damage, thank goodness!

Also, we had to replace a clamp that holds the dinghy to the davit and Jack had to replace the fuel filter on the outboard yesterday. Quite an eventful repair day AND we stocked up on groceries!

Today we are in the Gulf again and headed to either Panther Key or Shark River, depending on speed and weather. After that, we will anchor at Marathon and then on to our winter mooring ball at Boca Chica. 

We will be out of cell range for about 48-72 hours and will check in after that. 

As usual, Prince Charles is going with the flow ;)

Winter plans – 11/11/15

What a great week we had in St Augustine! The Roziers are wonderful hosts and made us feel so welcome and at home in their beautiful house. 

We were able to visit with most all of our friends in the Old City. Jack worked at the Sailor’s Exchange Nautical Flea market and we helped our friend Jackie West and her sister Myra with their items they brought over from the High Springs area. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were scheduled almost every day with friends like Denis and Rowena Frazel, Mike Garrett and Lori Steinbrunner, Clay and Kathy Hansen, and Paul and Claudia Peeples.    

 We only had time to say hello to several other couples but every minute was enjoyable. We miss our St Augustine community. We left our car to go in storage there and are looking forward to visiting again to pick the car up in several weeks. 

The boat is still in the St Pete area but the engine parts are in and we are hoping to get it installed this week. It is coming up on a month since we got here and we are anxious to continue heading south ;)

We got a really good phone call yesterday. We have been on a waiting list for a year with Boca Chica Marina located at Naval Air Station Key West. They called and said they have a mooring ball available for us!  We said sign us up!  So, instead of wintering in Boot Key Harbor at Marathon like last year, our base of operations this time is NAS Key West for half the cost. We are very excited to have some new adventures and explore more of the Keys. 

Yes, that’s a beach on the marina property!  And there’s a restaurant and laundry there as well ;)

 All friends and family are welcomed to visit!  We have one guest room so get your reservation in now!